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How to decorate with and style indoor plants How to decorate with and style indoor plants
I am a self-confessed interior plant fiend. In fact, if I spy an interior space devoid of greenery, I feel as though it’s naked (my husband... How to decorate with and style indoor plants

I am a self-confessed interior plant fiend. In fact, if I spy an interior space devoid of greenery, I feel as though it’s naked (my husband calls our own home ‘the jungle’).


Foliage is like the lifeblood of a space – the living, breathing and oxygenated component that makes it feel alive and look amazing all in the same breath (pardon the pun). In fact, recent research has shown that plants in an office space are linked to increased productivity, creativity, and overall happiness. Maybe that’s why I walk around whistling happy tunes when I am at home amongst my greenery.

Styling for magazines has taught me first hand the power or using height and scale, and the hanging plant is one of the easiest ways to achieve this effect.  Objects suspended from the ceiling allow the eye to take an interesting visual journey (as opposed to a flat journey) by stretching your line of sight upwards. Cascading plants on a shelf achieve a similar effect.


Hanging planters/vessels have evolved beyond the macramé varietal of the 70’s, and there are now endless supplies in all colours, shapes and textures with some of my favourites including those from P.A.LM.S pots. Nothing beats a drippy devil’s ivy in a blush colored vessel hanging on gold chain in the bathroom.

The painted pot phenomena reached its feverish peak a few years ago with Pop and Scott leading the charge, fast becoming the must-have household accessory. Now, there are a number of companies that specialise in the painted pot, and Fox and Romona‘s concrete grid pot sits at the top of my personal lust list. They are the perfect way to present your greenery with artistic flair!


Alternatively take a peek at the on-trend plant stands from Ivy Muse for another creative way to display your greenery. Note: Greenery in clinical areas like bathrooms can be a game changer, and what’s more, they often thrive in that environment due to the steam!

Pots and vessels are all well and good but it’s worth doing your research around the best environment for your plants to flourish in. Factors such as sunlight, and obviously water levels, will often dictate your success. I personally have found the trusty old monsteria to be the most hardy of them all, but have had equal measures of success with banana leaf, fiddle leaf figs, and many varietals of palms.

If all else fails, there are ‘air plants’ that literally live off air and require no water at all, that will power on regardless of where they live. Owning a plant that you can’t physically kill through lack of care can be a great place to start your green journey.


But there are other ways to get your green on. I recently took a brief from a client who wanted to feel like she ‘lived in a jungle’ without a plethora of plants, so the only way to execute this one was with jungle wallpaper –  it worked a treat.

I recently installed a vertical garden of succulents just outside my kitchen window, and it’s the best green fix I have had yet. It is like staring at a wondrous piece of living art every single day and virtually takes care of itself (now that’s my idea of winning!). Try Pippi’s Plants for a great vertical garden install, or try installing your own with the ready-made systems available through Bunnings.

You don’t need to live in a jungle like I do by any stretch, but if you haven’t discovered the magic of greenery within your own four walls, now is the time. But be warned, once you start, it is hard to know where to stop!

Tex Jochems