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7 Garden Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017
Ah, spring is finally upon us. And what better way to welcome the warmer weather than by updating your garden or patio? Here, seven outdoor decorating trends that will transform your basic yard into a seasonal sanctuary. LOW-MAINTENANCE PLANTS Showy landscaping is out. Breezy flower beds are in. Skip...Read more
7 Hidden Gardens in L.A. You Didn’t Know About (But Should)
Sorry, rest of the country, but Los Angeles weather is peaking: Nice and dry (finally), not too hot (yet) and long daylight savings sunshine (finally). Treat yourself to a quick meditation, stroll or happy hour in one of these pocket parks blooming with flowers. SEPULVEDA BASIN RECREATION AREA Near...Read more
The 7 Most Beautiful Garden Trends of 2017
With “Greenery” as Pantone’s color of the year, the tone has quite literally been set for a major move outdoors this spring. But how to best update your own slice of paradise in 2017? Get inspired to fall in love with your garden anew, with these seven rising trends....Read more
5 Secret NYC Gardens You Never Knew About
Sometimes, New York is the best place in the entire universe. And sometimes it’s trash day and the L train isn’t running and there’s a bug in your salad and someone sneezes in your face as you’re walking down Fifth Avenue. On those days, retreat to one of these...Read more
5 Ways to Stake Tomatoes
Tomatoes are the #1 thing planted in my garden. We can tomato sauce, ketchup, whole tomatoes, salsa, etc. so we plant  a lot of tomato plants each year. If you aren’t careful tomatoes can get out of hand in a hurry- so strong staking or trellising is a must...Read more
Installing a man-made pool and stream in a natural setting requires meticulous landscape design and a bit of illusion to make it appear as though Mother Nature herself was the artist. That was the undertaking faced by landscape designer Nick Williams of Nick Williams & Associates when the owners...Read more
Think big, plant small: 6 top tips on planting in your small space
1. Bring the outdoors in Why should fabulous foliage be the domain of the outdoors? If you don’t have a garden, or just want to jump on the indoor planting trend then bring your greenery inside and inject some horti-cool into your interior. Using beautiful pots and interesting plants...Read more
How to decorate with and style indoor plants
I am a self-confessed interior plant fiend. In fact, if I spy an interior space devoid of greenery, I feel as though it’s naked (my husband calls our own home ‘the jungle’). Foliage is like the lifeblood of a space – the living, breathing and oxygenated component that makes it feel alive...Read more
Gardening: 6 Tips to Growing Delicious Tomatoes
Store-bought tomatoes can’t hold a candle to those you grow in your own garden. Tomatoes that ripen fully on the vine before harvest are unparalleled in texture and flavor, so it is worth learning how to grow them yourself. Here are some expert tips for getting the best results....Read more
Gardening: 4 tips for growing healthy roses
Select the rose that is right for your garden There are more than 2,000 varieties of roses — and new varieties are introduced every year. Different roses have specific needs and behavior. You might be tempted to select a rose solely based on its flower appearance, but a rose’s...Read more