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6 Easy Yet Effective Tips for Better Composition
Whether you’re a brand new photographer or a veteran that’s been at it for decades, one thing that’s common to both groups is that there is always room for improvement. This is what I mean: even the pros are still learning. That’s part of the beauty of photography –...Read more
Looking for Better Results? Step Away From Your Camera!
We’ve come to a point in our relationship with photography where it might be time to reconsider how we approach the entire creative process. We’ve been told for a very long time that a camera should be an extension of our bodies and by all means, this is something that...Read more
How to Photograph Fireworks in 5 Easy Steps
For those of us in the good ol’ USA, 4th of July celebrations are about to get underway. That means fireworks! As beautiful as fireworks can be, I think we can all agree that we’ve all taken some clunker photos of them. That’s partially due to timing the shot....Read more
6 Rules to Follow When Composing a Photo
You can have the most stunning subject to photograph in the most gorgeous lighting, but if you don’t take care to compose the shot well, no amount of good light and inherent beauty will prevent the image from being a dud. There are plenty of photography composition tips to...Read more
How to Choose a Camera Strap
If you ask me, there are two pieces of kit that are consistently underrated in terms of their importance to your work: your tripod and your camera strap. I talked about tripods in another article, so I’ll just say here that if you don’t appreciate all the ways a tripod...Read more
5 Lenses that Every Nikon Shooter Needs to Know About
One of the great things about being one of the “big guns” in the photo equipment industry is that all the “big guns” behind the lenses are going to be using your gear and telling people about their experiences with it. If you keep your ear to the ground...Read more
4 Composition Mistakes You Need to Stop Making
When you look at the images created by the world’s best photographers, it’s hard not to think, “Wow, that’s a perfect shot.” The thing is, there was a lot of time and effort put in for that photographer to get that image to look that good. And, in the...Read more
4 Dead Simple Ways to Get More Creative With Your Camera
The great thing about photography (well…one of many great things) is that there is always something new and different to try. This might be a new compositional technique to make your images more eye-catching. It might be a different way to process your images to create a different aesthetic....Read more
4 Photography Composition Problems and Solutions
When it comes to composing an excellent photo, there’s certainly a lot to think of… With so much to worry about regarding lighting, framing, the foreground and background, and so forth, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed and overlook a few things in the process. There’s no worse...Read more
3 Smartphone Camera Settings You Should Try Out
It wasn’t all that long ago that simply having a phone with a camera in it was relatively rare. Not so today! Now, the cameras on our smartphones are fully functioning with all sorts of bells and whistles that give us the capability of taking stunning photos (and videos)...Read more